HomeTech August 23, 2023

The Path to a Smart Home

For the house, there is no need for education, but some assembly is required, and the first baby steps are simple.

Your journey into creating a smart home begins with the installation of a smart security system and smart climate control, both seamlessly connected to a reliable internet connection. From there, the potential for customization and innovation is limitless.

The Internet of things

Within the realm of a smart home network, the interconnected devices designed to exchange data via the internet are collectively referred to as the Internet of Things, or IoT. These IoT devices are equipped with advanced technologies such as AI, sensors, cameras, and servo motors.

Ready to Take Control of Your Home!

I’ll guide you through the essential items required to achieve this goal. Let’s assume you’re already committed, but you might be wondering where to start. Just follow this checklist based on your budget and aim to acquire the specific devices or IoT listed below.

Shop List:

  • Central command unit for getting information and commanding your other devices: Amazon Echo, Google Home
  • Smart-security system that doesn’t need to require professional installation or monthly fees: SimpliSafe, Abode iota, Wyze
  • A Smart Doorbell, part of your security system: August, Remote Bell, Ring
  • A smart Thermostat part of your smart-climate control: Nest, Eco bee
  • A smart lighting system: Philips Hue, Adur Smart
  • A smart outlet system: Belkin, Connects Ence, D-Link

Flip the Switch.

After integrating the aforementioned devices, you’ll gain the capability to monitor and control fundamental aspects of your home, including lighting, air conditioning, and security. All of this can be managed conveniently from your smartphone or through automated programs, such as setting specific times for your lights to turn on and off, remote camera surveillance while you’re away, and real-time property assessments from anywhere in the world.

And Congratulations, without any diplomas or a prom night, you’ve successfully transformed your home into a smart one. And this is just the beginning of your smart home journey.