Love Home August 29, 2023

Why You Should Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market for sale? Regardless of whether you’ve been living there for 50 years or five, you want to do everything you can to get the most out of your investment.
Here’s why a residential roof replacement might be a great choice to boost your ROI, or at least save you time and effort during the sale process.

Increase Your Asking Price After a Roof Replacement

To begin with, increasing your asking price after a roof replacement is a smart move. While it’s a significant investment, a new roof is likely to recoup most of its upfront cost, since it’s a top factor that home buyers look at when deciding on a home.

Save Time on Roof Repair Negotiations from Buyers

Moreover, you can save time on roof repair negotiations with buyers. Many buyers will look for any excuse to offer less on your home than what you’re asking, and an aging roof could reduce your sale price by thousands. Dedicating the time and money to a new roof now will save you the headache of a lengthy back-and-forth over the purchase price later.

Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting and energy-efficient.

In addition, increasing numbers of people are installing metal roofs in both new construction and roof replacement projects. A correctly installed metal roof typically will endure as long as the house, with a likely lifespan of 40 to 70 years due to the material’s unique durability. It will endure the elements, including gusts of wind up to 140 miles per hour, and it won’t corrode or crack thanks to rust-proof coatings.

Maximize Eyes on Your Home and Speed Up the Sale Process

Furthermore, you can maximize the number of eyes on your home and speed up the sale process. People don’t want to put major improvements into a home they’re just moving into. When buyers notice an older roof, they are more likely to skip seeing your home entirely. The more eyes on your property, the better, and likely the sooner you’ll get the final offer settled.

Keep Lending Companies Satisfied with Adequate Roof Repairs

Last but not least, keeping lending companies satisfied with adequate roof repairs is essential. You might not care about the age of your roof when you list your home – let the next person deal with it. However, you may come to care when the next person’s mortgage company comes to do their own inspection of the property. If roof repairs are required, they may refuse to approve the loan or request the necessary fixes be completed before they will move forward with loaning any money.