LifeStyles August 28, 2023

Upgrading Your Smart Home to a New Level

You are very proud of all the fruits from that smart home venture. Yes, you can say this home is the smart one, or not.

Thou got that Smart camera doorbell, a smart thermostat, smart home surveillance with cloud DVR, plus the new large credit obligation for the smart appliances, smart toilet, and the dog’s smart door. Like any other consumer-oriented industries and with so many endless possibilities, I suggest that don’t stop there, keep beefing up your home’s smart crave.

The Shape of Things to Come at your Doorsteps.

A house itself will be under an autonomous A.I. operating system capable of calling the handyman after sensing a problem before you even know.

Futuristic surveillance, smart home entryways, and domestic robots are getting beef up. As smart home technology improves, more integrations are possible from the insane to the practical, so let’s take a look.

Attack of the Drones?

No longer a subject of movies, flying guard drones are reality. Devices like the Bee designed and sold by Sunflower Labs is a sentry drone that deploys on its own, with cameras onboard to live-stream video.


The Bee system will secure your perimeter with multiple sentry drones launched from a hidden Hive, a charging station that houses the brains for the drones. If you have the money for a very cool, useful, and powerful IoT this is the one to get.

Knock! Knock!

We all already familiar with smart entry locks and Amazon’ In-Home delivery, but imagine going beyond that and make the entry of your palace a real technological treat.


Enter the Smart Door, not the just locks the whole thing, and even the frame itself. At CES 2020 we got a glimpse of that concept. The LG Smart Door has all needed to take your home entry to a new level, built-in biometrics, and camera authentication. And it is perfect for this Pandemic times.

The door has two delivery compartments on the side, and one of the sections is especially for perishables and is call Fresh Keeper. Other perks are a built-in LCD screen on the inside to see the outside and important internet feed data like weather, sorry Amazon but this far better than In-Home.

The Rise of Rosey the Robot

We already staring at the dawn of the Domestic Robot, today’s cleaning robots like the classic Rumba series have gone a long way, better batteries, and A.I. We are gaining the basic square but functional star-wars’ style of robots like the Bravva Jet or the Gladwell Geko but we still far for a humanoid robot.


We even took the robots outside, based on the same principles of indoor robot vacuum cleaner devices like The Worx Landroid, loaded with weather sensors it will dock if it rains and continues if the sun shines again.

Social Robots

Social media was something, are you ready for social robots? Yes, you are after years of playing with the Amazon Alexa. Sociable interactive robots with AI are a human thing, we need the interaction. In most of our lonely lives, we open our lives to these digital hostesses that selfless interact with every member of the family.


In Japan the popular BOCCO emo is a communications assistant robot, designed with children in mind, it helps them securely in all the aspects of a text message. Miko 2 is a child-oriented robot that teaches them accordingly to their age.

Social robots are a loyal companion that will gladly agree with you all the time. But the apex of smart home robotics is just around the corner in the form of a smart robot pet, coming soon to the doghouse near you.